Minister’s Welcome


The State Government is a proud sponsor of the Truffle Kerfuffle through the Regional Events Program (the Program), delivered by Tourism Western Australia (Tourism WA).

The Program supports medium to large events in regional Western Australia to boost tourism and local jobs, increase community vibrancy and participation, particularly outside of the typical tourism season, and further develop regional areas.

It also plays an important role in positioning Western Australia as an exciting destination to visit and a great place to live by showcasing and promoting a region’s unique points of difference and diverse attractions, particularly through media coverage of events.

Regional events provide an opportunity for local, interstate, and international visitors to go beyond city limits and experience the unique features of each of our State’s wonderful regions.

Tourism is a key part of the State Government’s plan to diversify the economy, create jobs and develop business opportunities, through helping regional economies and communities to grow and thrive.

Events are a vital part of this plan, with the State Government sponsoring a range of sporting, cultural, arts and culinary events across the State, through Tourism WA, to attract visitors and encourage them to stay longer, disperse further and do more while they are here.

We hope everyone enjoys this event and takes the time to explore the dreamlike Southern Forests region.