Gary Mehigan

Gary Mehigan

Gary Mehigan

Gary has been part of our television viewing since he first started as a co-host on Good Chef Bad Chef on Channel Seven in 2007. Since then, he has been an integral part of shows like Boys Weekend and of course 12 years of MasterChef Australia, and Seven’s Plate of Origin. Gary’s TV audience stretches around the globe, and his series Far Flung and Masters of Taste, have well and truly cemented him as one of the most loved and TV Presenters both in Australia and internationally. He has just completed filming ten episodes of National Geographic India’s “Mega Festivals” and spends a lot of time travelling in the region and working with Conosh, an experiential Food and education platform.

Gary’s Podcast series, titled The Gary Mehigan Show, included guests such as Nigella Lawson, Steve Price, Craig Reuscassel, Pia Miranda, and Maggie Beer, just to name a few. In 2018, the PWC Media Outlook used Gary’s interview with Nigella Lawson as an example of the power of the Trust Driver for traditional media.

Gary TV two seasons for Fox Life called Masters of Taste won Best Cinematography at the Asian Television Awards in 2019. He is now a regular presenter for Seven’s Melbourne Weekender.

In Australia he has his brand of restaurants called Moga Moba, with the first one launching at Melbourne Airport’s Qantas domestic terminal in January 2024, and his frozen meal range for Providoor launched in October 2023. He continues to work with brands as a trusted Ambassador and Spokesperson, and has written 5 cookbooks – Comfort Food, Good Food Everyday, Bringing Flavour Home, Your Place or Mine and Cook with Us.

Gary says he feels blessed in his career, it has allowed him to travel, indulge his passions and meet some extraordinary people. He has by his own admission felt the pain and pressures of failure but enjoyed great success and couldn’t wish for more. He values, honesty, enthusiasm, passion, and compassion, and above all else he loves to teach.

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Fri 28 June


The Truffle Journey with Gary Mehigan

An Aussie with a French heart, join Gary Meighan on a stunning truffle journey. Think classic French dishes with a twist, using world-class West Australian Truffles and Southern Forest produce. This five-course degustation is matched with some incredible Southern Forests wines and features mid-mouthful chats with Gary.
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Sat 29 June


Chef's Cabin with Gary Mehigan

Join world-class chef Gary Meighan on a truffle masterclass like no other. Classic French dishes, using world class West Australian Truffles and Southern Forest produce. This chef’s cabin gets you up close and personal with Gary’s French culinary expertise, inspiring you to use the world’s best truffles in your own home cooking. Also includes a copy of Gary’s latest book ‘Good Food Every Day ‘
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